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ABOUT US:  Jio Jindagi Wellness Retreat Trust is a residential De-addiction treatment centre for Adult men, teenagers struggling with trauma, substance use and co-occurring addiction or mental health disorders. With the emergence of the new year, Experienced Recovering addicts with a highly qualified and experienced professional team, assembled at a single platform, stepping towards creating a society free from all kind of substance abuse. We want our youth and poor who are high on the charts of addiction to be more productive and provide their contribution to the progress of society by staying clean. We are striving towards fabricating awareness among all individuals. We believe that drug dependence cannot be cured just with medicines, so we provide customised treatments at our centre. Here, along with the biological, psychological, physical and spiritual aspects are also addressed so that recovery can be sustained. With the philosophy of love, care and concern and integrated approach all the dimensions of life are restored.

We do not believe in treating the patient just with medications. Our professional team work and foster human and social values in the individual. We help  them to regain the necessary confidence to face the society with their past. Patients are endorsed with important skills to help them in achieving the highest possible levels of self-dependence and quality of life. We proudly try to foster an awareness of living a quality and productive lifestyle into each individual. 

We try to help the rediscover his self and motive to live a sober life. We strictly follow our ethics, rules and regulations. We are different because we believe in negative reinforcement rather than punishment. To help the patient initially in his hard detox days. Yoga and meditation helps the individual to calm their minds and focus on the programs for their betterment. Lots of anger and anxiety gets accumulated in the person while using substances, these techniques helps the individual to cope.

During treatment, an individuals is exposed to various behaviour rectifying and changing therapies. Their thought errors are on a constant check with the help of staff members. He begins to learn about moral values, relationships. Social responsibilities and most importantly his role in the family system.  An effective Anger Management session helps him surrender the six feelings of pain, shame, anger, guilt, hurt and fear that often hold him in the shackles of addiction.

Every now and then, we experiment with different treatment modalities to stimulate the residents’ psychological adjustment into the treatment. This unique practice is what brings us one step ahead of the traditional methods of rehabilitation.

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