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Mr. Sanjay Nagpal

Mr. Sanjay Nagpal, himself is a recovering addict, mentoring us with his immense experience. Jio JIndagi wellness retreat trust has been established under his guidance. He is recognized by UNDCP in the same field and has great willingness to share his skills, knowledge and expertise.

He is a visionary and believes that every rehabilitaion centre for drug de addiction should impart services with smiles, commintment and consistency, he believes in attraction rather than promotion. Keeping in mind his principles, we have been operating our centre since january with great enthusiasm and an empathetic culture towards yearning addicts' salvation.

He wants every addict either he is being admitted to our centre or anyone he meets anywhere, to be drug free and to live a sober life. He is a humble man who has tackled many struggles in his own life and with the experience of these hurdles he has firmly embarked this trust to help people in need. With his optimistic cognition, many  recovering addicts have come on a single platform to serve the society in the best possible manner.

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