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Best Nasha Mukti Kendra is a cause of development as well. The government is also working two and forth for the development of such factors. Many programs have been organized by the government creating awareness around. JIO JINDAGI WELLNESS RETREAT TRUST has always been to the service to the society and took part in such government programs and educating the people about Drug Abuse and Alcoholism as a whole. We work for the cause of the society and thereby creating a warm and open place for families to check on their diseased patients by organizing a family meeting once a month. Our Alcohol Treatment Centre not only sticks to the addict but also helps the family by educating them about the disease. It is also important that the Nasha Mukti Kendra you select has different programs run for alcohol addicts and different for drug addicts. This is a major factor that will help in getting good results and recovery of the addict. Since the symptoms and mental conditions of the addicts vary, it is important to have different programs designed for them. Moreover, the addict needs a happy and loving environment to get rid of his addiction.

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