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JIO JINDAGI WELLNESS RETREAT TRUST offers a confidential drug addiction helpline staffed with caring professionals who guide those suffering from addiction towards their next best steps. Call us today. Drug detox is the natural process of ridding a substance from the body. However, a professional drug detox program, also sometimes referred to as “medically managed withdrawal,” entails the use of a set of interventions (such as medications and other therapies) to safely manage the side effects that accompany quitting drugs. It’s critical to realize the difference between a professional detox program and substance abuse rehabilitation; although ”detox” and “rehab” are often used interchangeably, substance abuse rehabilitation involves a conglomeration of ongoing services that aim to socially and psychologically rehabilitate someone suffering from drug abuse. Medical detox centers, on the other hand, seek to medically stabilize patients, minimize their withdrawal symptoms, prevent the potentially harmful effects of withdrawal, and help them transition into a substance abuse rehabilitation program or another form of continued care.

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