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You are totally unaware of what could happen at a rehabilitation center. All you need is to work hard during the treatment because you become a responsibility of the rehab center, and the staff there takes care of you and makes you free of other responsibilities. A person has different expectations when he visits a rehabilitation center. There is a list of things a person can expect when he visits a rehab center. It is not necessary for a client to have the same experience as the other persons have while following a treatment plan. The treatment works best when it is individualized. Your requirements are unique, and so the program staff has to get to know you and your situation well so that they can develop a plan tailored to your personal needs. You can expect the initial assessment to include an interview period as well as a medical exam and sometimes a psychiatric exam. JIO JINDAGI WELLNESS RETREAT TRUST Centers provide identical experiences, but a majority of programs will offer the following program elements. It can be challenging as well as dreadful to make the first step towards rehabilitation treatment.

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