Detoxification refers to the chemical withdrawal that takes place when a person with addiction stops using the addictive substance. Here, this process does not refer to a form of mental health treatment. Detox is often the first step to recovery from addiction. Some treatment centers offer detox and rehab programs in the same facility. If you are ready to break an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it may be helpful to find a treatment center in your area and enroll in a comprehensive detox program. The support provided by qualified health care professionals in detox programs is crucial to maintaining long-term health. While some people in detox experience mild withdrawal symptoms, others face more serious issues. The intensity and type of withdrawal symptoms experienced depend on many factors, including age, general health, the specific substance taken, and an individual's history of using that substance. Detox programs have well-trained health care teams to provide treatment for severe withdrawal symptoms and reduce the likelihood of death if a person suddenly stops taking an addictive substance.


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