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Addictions of any nature have many causes. To date, scientists and the medical fraternity continue to grope in the dark over why some women and men become addicts, while others can consume alcohol or even a drug occasionally without the risk of becoming dependent. Broadly speaking, three factors are suspected to cause substance (alcohol and drug addiction) abuse among women and men: Genetic propensity: Despite the insufficient scientific evidence, genetic factors are suspected of causing addict- tions among some people. There are various theories about genetic propensity, but none have been conclusively proven. Induced addiction: This is most likely the real cause of addiction. The human brain has a ‘pain’ and ‘rewards’ or ‘pleasure’ function. Hence, a person who consumes alcohol or drug for the first time usually experiences pleasure or ‘reward’. The brain’s innate nature of seeking ‘reward’ compels the body to consume addictive substances. Till a time that such consumption becomes a ‘pain’ due to dependency of the brain and body on the substance.


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