Anger Management

Anger is a very difficult emotion to handle for those in recovery. It is one of the very prominent factors which leads to relapse. We, at Jio Jindagi, inculcate new coping skills in our clients. Meditation, exercise, and talk therapy are all extremely effective at managing anger and all of these are done at our centre under the guidance and supervision of our experts. Different types of anger will require different types of management strategies. We believe in digging deeper in the cause of anger and then find a productive and easy to follow path for our clients. We are considered the best De addiction centre in Delhi because we have a trained, Empathetic and highly qualified staff who understands the classification of each and every maladaptive behaviours and accordingly prepares therapies and treatment for a particular patient. We consider them as our family members and we are running our organization as a family trust. We believe in serving smiles...

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