Rejuvenate your relations

"Happy hours with loved ones"

Once anyone complete the treatment of substance abuse, he/she thinks now the boat of sobriety will be sailing smooth.Completion of treatment is a major accomplishment but this is the first step towards living a sober life.

Next steps include follow ups with aftercare services, like therapies, peer support groups, planning strategically to deal with those stimuli which triggers relapse.

One of the most effective way is to spend happy hours with your loves ones who have been suffering equally with you, enjoying your simple and sober life and devoting their precious time to listen to your journey.

So, happy hours without booze are much joyous than falling for those momentary things which may spoil you in a long run.

We are providing after care services at our centre with the help of fully trained staff and we assure our patients to reach out to us 24*7.

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